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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to review some of our most common questions regarding the front door kick plates.

Q. How do I install my front door kick plate?
A. When you receive your door kick plate, simply position on the end of the door and unroll. No special equipment needed! The magnetic power does the rest. <BACK

Q. Is there any special maintenance or cleaning procedures I need to perform on my kick plate?
A. If you kick plate gets dirty, you can simply remove them and wipe them off with a mild detergent. Even rubber shoe scuffs come off with ease. <BACK

Q. How long should I expect my kick plate to last?
A. Your kick plate when cared for properly can last up to 10 years. <BACK

Q. Is the magnetic material durable and strong?
A. Our US manufactured products are made with .030 mil sheeting. Designed to the standards of the automotive industry, it can withstand 168 mph winds, making them virtually hurricane proof. <BACK

Q. How long do they take to ship?
A. Blank kick plates ship on the following business day after ordering. Custom or personalized kick plates are currently on a 3-5 day production schedule. <BACK

Q. Where are you shipping from?
A. All order are shipped via USPS Priority Mail from LaPorte, Indiana. <BACK

Q. Do your kick plates come with a warranty?
A. Yes, all of our front door kick plates are warranted against manufacturers defects such as peeling cracking and fading. <BACK

Q. What is your return policy?
A. We do not accept returns for kickplates unless they are defective and then they are covered by our warranty.<BACK

Q. Where are your kick plates manufactured?
A. All of the materials and labor in our manufacturing process originate in the United States of America. Take pride in knowing your purchase is made in the USA. <BACK

Q. What is a magnetic vent cover?
A. Magnetic vent covers are a great alternative to vent replacement and temporary blockage of air ducts for the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system in your home. <BACK

Q. How do I install a magnetic vent cover?
A. When you receive the vent cover, simply place it over the steel vent to block air flow coming from that vent. The magnetic power does the rest by holding to the vent and blocking the air. They are a great way to block ceiling vents, floor vents and wall vents from pushing air into the room or space. <BACK

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